Here at Arcuo Interior Design we strive to provide an unparalleled level of service in all areas of interior design. No matter how big or small the project is, we provide lasting, quality products for your home.

All of our projects are tailored to the specific needs of the client. When we begin to work on a space, we imagine how the space is going to be used and picture ourselves in it. As an interior design studio, we understand that functionality and aesthetic are both equally important. We use a variety of design principles that we have been taught and have learned through our many collective years of experience, both in Thunder Bay and nationally. The best results often emerge as a result of meshing tried-and-true methods taught to us in our design education as well as cutting edge technologies that boast greener, more cohesive and more comfortable homes.





Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets

We are the exclusive Merit Kitchens and Lectus Cabinets dealer in Northwestern Ontario. Merit Kitchens is well regarded for their quality and superior value with over 40 years in the industry. With modern technology and manufacturing techniques, quality materials, and superior European craftsmanship, Merit Kitchens creates custom kitchens and bathrooms that are uniquely you – cabinets that combine beauty with intelligent design, and are truly worthy of your home.

Custom Closet & Storage Solutions

At Arcuo Interior Design, we don’t just sell the components for the closets. We help you create organizing solutions that allow to reign in your space. We relieve stress by creating systems to store everything, making it easy for every member of your family to use. We work with you to determine and design what you need: closets and closet accessories, wardrobes, home offices, entertainment units, built-in storage, wall beds and desks, closet doors. We offer solutions for every budget.

Commerical, Corporate Hospitality Design

Whether you are looking to venture out and start your dream business or think that it is time to update the look and feel of an existing one, we can make your ideas become a visual reality.  Commercial – sometimes also referred to as contract design – focuses on bringing to fruition the ideas of the client while incorporating all of the professional design team to coordinate planning, budgeting, purchasing, and ultimately furnishing of interior environments used for commercial, government or educational purposes. Our ultimate goal is to create enjoyable experiences for all individuals who come into contact with us or our work.

Installation & Project Management

The benefit of working with our company is that we not only supply drawings/ cabinets and product, but that we also manage your project. The advantage of this business model is that you will work with one contact person throughout your project. If you are building a new home we do site visits, often weekly, to inspect the detail work and answer any questions that arise, prepare additional detailed drawings if needed, and resolve any issues stemming from conflicts or ambiguity in the plans or specs. This can be important in managing on site last minute issues, change orders, material choices, final deficiencies when you as the home owner cannot be present.