Kitchen, Closet & Bathroom Renovations

DateDecember 2014
LocationThunder Bay, Fairview Ave
ClientPearson Residence
CabinetsLectus Cabinets
Door StyleManhattan Flat
PaintArtic, Matte, China Glass Doors


Range Hood: Richelieu, glass and stainless steel wall Hood 30”w x 19-13/16”d x 23-9/16”-42-1/2”h 450 CFM
Handles: Richelieu, Bruched Nickel 5-5/16”
Lighting: Quoizel ( Kayden Mini Pendant) #KDN1510BN
Brushed Nickel, 10.5”h x 10”w x 10”d Quoizel ( Kayden 4 Light Chandelier) #KDN5004BN Brushed Nickel) 18.50″h x 19.50″w x 19.50″d Capital Lighting, One light wall sconce #3711BN-135 brushed nickel 6”w x 11 3/4”h x 7 1/2”d

Kitchen Island

Installation Note:
1 piece baseboard trim, mitered, for the island perimeter. You can see the additional molding along the top and the furniture-style base trim rather than a recessed toekick where the panel and legs meet the floor.

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