Kitchen, Closet & Bathroom Renovations

LocationThunder Bay, Hazelwood
ClientBruce MacDonald
CabinetsMerit Cabinets
Door StyleJericho Flat
WoodClear Alder
StainBistro Brown
  • Appliance Garage also used as a charging station.
  • Pigeon Hole with “What ‐ Not Drawers”
  • Custom drawn and built in-house at the Merit Facility.
  • 30-degree wine display shelf.
  • CC – French China Doors.
  • Cross Wine Rack.
  • Custom Artisan support post.
  • Dovetail drawer cutlery divider.
  • Placement of electrical outlets in the island.
  • Base warming drawer with drawer and 1 basket.
  • Magic corner system. Available in grey and maple melamine.
  • Custom Drawn and built in-house at Merit Facility.
  • 30-degree wine display shelf.
  • FCC – French ChinaDoors.
  • Cross Wine Rack.
  • Vanity medicine cabinet
  • Inset Mirror
  • Wall “What – Not” with Drawers